2Reminders Frequently Asked Questions

How do I try 2Reminders?

You can get reminders about your friend's birthdays sent to you by going to our registration and safely providing some information. Or, you can try us by sending an eCard to a friend. Go to 2Reminders ECards to do that. If you're unsure, maybe send it to yourself first to see how it works.

Why join 2Reminders?

This is a free service to help you remember all the important birthdays and events every day of the year so you'll never forget a birthday, anniversary, holiday or important event again. You can even create custom reminders so you don't forget to pay your bills, make important calls, or anything else you really cannot afford to forget! You can even remind others! Remind your friends or family to do important things, like "Pick up me up at the airport!". To do this, go to MyBuzzMinder. You will need to be registered first, though.

I am worried about spam. Are you going to spam me?

Everyone at 2Reminders & BuzzMinder hates spam, too. It seems we spend a lot of time cleaning out our inboxes of mail we never wanted. So, we’ll minimize our Emails to you as much as possible. Of course, the reason you’re interested in reminders is because you need prodding, so we’ll do enough to get your attention to help you be more effective at managing your time and commitments, but we won’t go over the line and spam!

How do I make sure I receive my reminders?

You'll need to be sure 2Reminders is added to your Safe Senders List in the Email account that you sign up with. Please see the Safe Sender Instructions for each of the types of Email below:
  • Outlook
  • Gmail
  • Hotmail
  • Yahoo Mail
  • AOL Mail

What is the cost?

2Reminders is a FREE service; there is no cost to you! We do offer upgrades, eCards, and gifts you can securely buy, but you are under no obligation to do so. Our reminder service is 100% free!

How do I receive my reminders?

You receive reminders in your Email and/or on you cell phone depending on where you would like to receive them. You could choose to receive reminders only in Email or only on your mobile or to both.

How do I buy premium ECards?

Our Ecards are exclusive and unique. We have notable photographers and artists who work with us exclusively. You can purchase premium ECards by using our secure shopping service that's actually managed by Amazon. You can be assured that Amazon will handle your transaction securely and efficiently. If you buy gifts through our gift service, many of our cards are free to you.

Can I schedule multiple reminders for the same event?

Yes, you may schedule up to 105 reminders for any one event. We offer a very robust and flexible scheduling service to remind you of the event up to 90 days before the event and every day thereafter until the event date. The default scheduling allows you to select 3 weeks, 2 weeks, 1 week, 3 days or 24 hours before the event.

What do reminders on my mobile phone cost?

2Reminders does not charge to send reminders to your mobile or cell phone. However you may incur text messaging charges based on your carrier and your plan options. Please see more details from your mobile phone company to learn if you will incur texting fees. You might need to call your mobile or cell phone company to ask them to enable texting, if you don’t have that already.

I forgot my password; how can I get it back?

We can reset your password. Then, you can login to your Email service and look for an Email from buzz@2Reminders.com. Even though we reset immediately, it might take a few hours for the new password to reach your Email inbox. You might have to check in your spam or junk mail folders if you don't find it. Go here and enter your Email address: Reset 2Reminders.com Password.
Please don't forget to change it right away to a password you can remember. You can do that here: Change 2Reminders.com Password.

How do I change my Email or password?

You can change your Email and your password or other profile information at any time by going to My BuzzMinder. You login to your account and see the link to "Edit My Profile". On that page, you can change your personal information, including password and Email address. After you've made your changes, click "Done" at the bottom of the section to save your new settings. Remember once you save changes these will be your new settings and your old password, Email and other settings will be replaced.

When I get a reminder, where does it go and how do I respond?

Your reminders will arrive in your Email that you used to signup when you created your 2Reminders account. Your reminders may also go to your mobile device at the phone number that you supplied when you created your account. You can change these at anytime by clicking on the "Edit My Profile" link on My BuzzMinder.

How do I add and edit my birthdays and reminders?

Log in to your MyBuzzMinder account and "Edit My Profile" link on My BuzzMinder. You can add and edit your birthday information. On My BuzzMinder you can also edit or create any other type of reminder event you wish to track.

Can I cancel my membership, and will it also never send Emails to anyone on my reminder list as well?

Yes, you may cancel at anytime and your entire list of contacts is deleted upon cancelation. Your contacts will not be sent any Emails or mobile information unless there is an already scheduled event in our system.

What does a mobile reminder look like?

To receive a reminder on your cell phone, you need to have texting service (also known as SMS). Most mobile plans have a texting service enabled, but you might need to contact your cell phone company to set it up. A reminder is very short and comes to your cell phone and is usually stored in the Text Messages section of your phone. You can read it and if you have a mobile data plan, you can even surf the internet and select cards or gifts to send to your friends!

You didn't do all this work; who are your partners?

Glad you are wondering! We have been helped by the work of many great people around the Web. Here is a list of them and some comments. If we have overlooked someone, it is unintentional and will correct it as soon as we can: 2Reminders.com Credits.
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