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Why should you use 2Reminders?

2Reminders begins with the need that everyone has: to keep track of things. But, most people just cope with remembering these events and dates. In some cases, they adapt by saying "Sorry" after they miss an important date or appointment. We're here to help people remember and act on the important events in their lives. Now, we don't want to replace your calendaring application. Google Calendar and Outlook are great for scheduling your day. But major events, like birthdays and anniversaries and graduations and important dates call for more. People need to be reminded, but they also need help in making the event meaningful.
Our objective is to remind and build services around that so you can get the most out of the reminder, and achieve your own goals. For instance, we provide free reminders on your friends' and family's birthdays. We also provide recommendations for what do get them. We supply recommended ECards, gift ideas, and other service. We surface the gift ideas and ECards that make the most sense for your friends and family.

Manage your Life's Events with 2Reminders

2Reminders also provides a great hub for you to manage your life events. You can set up reminders to yourself. You can also set up reminders for others, so that they don't forget something important they need to do, like pick a friend up at the airport on a particular day and time. We'll also let you organize group events that are difficult to schedule and require texting or contacting a group of people with location and time updates. We'll do that for you by letting you define the group of people you want to include in the event and how you want them to participate. Look for this type of "temporary" social networking very soon!
2Reminders is focused on making your life easier and more fun!

Who are we?

2Reminders was founded by Mark Looi and some friends in 2008 to solve the reminder problem and to build a platform for new, dynamic forms of social networking. We have over 3 decades in the computer technology and have grown up with the Internet and Web. Mark started with the Mosiac 2.0 browser in 1993! We love building things for people to use and that hopefully improves their lives, even if only in a small way. Our team is a virtual one and team members live in various parts of the world.
2Reminders is a first service that BuzzMinder, LLC, has launched. We intend to follow it up with and to expand the service offerings to go beyond reminders & notifications, to creating a hub for managing your important events and getting help doing so.
We welcome your feedback about our service and would like to hear from you. You can send us mail at Thanks!
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